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Bikes to go!

Posted by Hélène et Thomas, 2024-05-15

- In the Cuban bike shop "Bikes to go", Thomas looks at the assembly and fitting of Hélène's bike. Miami, Florida. USA - 2000.
- The team from the Cuban bike shop "Bikes to go" poses with us and the brand new bikes they've just assembled and equipped for us. Miami, Florida. USA - 2000.

Almost ten years later, Thomas came back to Miami to do the reports that you can find on this site (Agriculture and the economic crisis, seen from Florida). At the bike shop, they remembered us and the photos we'd taken very well and were keen to have his bike serviced.

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Voyage, voyage !

Posted by Hélène et Thomas, 2024-05-01

- Hélène among the mountain lakes, on the slow climb from Tabay to Pico Bolivar, 4,978 metres above sea level. Not far from Mérida. State of Mérida. Venezuela - 1999.
- Departure from Miami, the Miss on the first day of the bike trip. She waits for the movable bridge to descend horizontally before continuing forward. Miami, Florida. USA - 2000.


A fortnight ago, in this blog, we told you in broad strokes about our beginnings in photography. Today, for those who don't know the story, we're going to tell you about our first rides as bike travellers.

Here too, we have to go back to the end of the previous century: we had gone to Venezuela to visit Thierry, a great Belgian friend of the Miss who was working there. For about 3 months, we criss-crossed this Latin American country.

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Photographs from the UK

Posted by Hélène et Thomas, 2024-04-15

Photos taken on the streets of Glasgow. We were there to document COP 26. These are the only two outdoor images we took that are not directly related to this climate protection event.
- Entrance of a wedding party into a church.
- Early this morning, this gentleman is celebrating his birthday on the phone.
Glasgow, Scotland. United Kingdom - October-November 2021.


The first two Brits we came across on our photographic journey were Martin Parr and Donovan Wylie. It was in the last millennium, during yet another sleepless night. We'd stumbled across a TV re-run of a fascinating documentary about Magnum, the famous photographic press agency (unknown to us at the time).

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A lazy post (more or less) #1

Posted by Hélène et Thomas, 2024-03-31

South Korean and Spanish pilgrims on the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago de Compostela. Castilla y León. Spain - December 2023.


It's Easter weekend, we're still playing it cool! The day before yesterday we went to see a friend's exhibition, and tomorrow we've got the family.

As we've had our fill of writing lately, we're not going to overdo it for today's post. Captioning 600 images in a fairly precise way is no picnic. Of course, it's nothing like our Santiago pilgrims 'in Santiags'. We don't end up in dormitories in the evening, with blisters on our feet, but still!

When you've got a hefty quota of captions to write every day, which sometimes requires a fair amount of research, after 3 or 4 days in a row at a good pace, you start to whip yourself into shape to get on with it and not give up.

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Work in progress #5

Posted by Hélène et Thomas, 2024-03-14

Sau dam on the River Ter. Vilanova de Sau. Catalonia. Spain - September 2023.


It's rare enough to be worth mentioning: at the beginning of January we had planned that by mid-March all the diptychs from the last photographic campaign in the Iberian Peninsula would be chosen and mounted. Today, the 14th, we can say, like many of our contemporaries: "That's done!

Starting tomorrow we're going to speed up the caption-writing process so that we can leave for the UK around 15 May. By then we'll have completed all the files for the first leg of our planned tour of Europe. In the end, there will be around 700 images to add to the new site when the time comes. New site!? Oh yes, since our return, with Jim and Elwynn (a new sidekick) we have been working on making the current site easier for us to use. For example, when it comes to updating this blog or uploading new photo galleries.

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Posted by Hélène et Thomas, 2024-03-02

Bell and banner waved during the demonstration by a thousand European farmers outside the European Commission's offices in Brussels in 2015. Brussels. Belgium - 7 September 2015.

Here joined in the mobilisation farmers from Coordination rurale, a French farming union that will be very active in the farming revolt that France is experiencing at the start of 2024.

Here is a press article about this demonstration in Brussels where farmers had turned out in numbers to make their anger heard, already.

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Greta at the A69

Posted by Hélène et Thomas, 2024-02-15

Greta Thunberg, who came to support opponents of the A69, during the media interview with the climate activists from the international delegation. This is just after the press conference at which they were the last speakers, after 5 inhabitants of the Crem'Arbres ZAD and the La Voie est libre collective, who are resisting this motorway project between Toulouse and Castres. First day of the "La Cabanade against the A69" weekend rally. Saïx, Tarn department, Occitanie region. France - 10 February 2024.


This fortnight's blog was to feature Spain and Chile. But a visit on Saturday 10 February upset our plans. 
We couldn't ignore the visit by Greta Thunberg, accompanied by an international delegation of climate activists, to the construction site of the A69 motorway at Saïx, near Castres, in the Tarn department.

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Immigration Law

Posted by Hélène et Thomas, 2024-01-30

Demonstration during a national mobilization to exert pressure before the Constitutional Council's decision on the Immigration Law. "An OQTF for Darmanin". An OQTF (obligation to leave French territory) is an administrative measure issued by the prefecture and Gérald Darmanin is the current interior minister who defended this bill. In front of the prefecture in Albi, Tarn. France - January 21, 2024.

On our return from Spain at the end of December, we stopped off in Toulouse to say hello to two friends who work in the city center.

One of them, a friend from teenage years, greeted us in Place Arnaud Bernard:

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Desk and Garden

Posted by Hélène et Thomas, 2024-01-15


The return to our French life went well.

Usually, it's when we return to our homes that we get sick, but that wasn't the case this time. Sleeping in a warm bed again, and above all not having to change location every day, was very pleasant. As always, re-lighting the stove, turning on the stereo and getting out the kitchen tools is a great pleasure.

Billie, our feline neighbor, made our day and we've been inseparable ever since. At first we couldn't go outside without her around! She was always with us when we went to saw wood or fetch vegetables from the garden, such as cabbages (red or green), leeks, celery, chard, sorrel and broccoli.

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Best wishes for 2024!

Posted by Hélène et Thomas, 2024-01-01


To accompany our greetings this year we decided to ignore Billie (Ze cat) and instead present you with our treasures brough back from Spain and Portugal.

These are the gifts that our hosts were keen to give us, often in the morning just before hitting the road. We only turned down one: a most voluminous firefighters' almanac, probably containing photos of everyone who ever belonged to the brigade!

Joking aside, once again a big thank you to all those who made our trip to the Iberian Peninsula so much easier.

A happy new year to everybody!

Abrazos y Suerte,

Hélène and Thomas