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Billie the Cat
Posted by Hélène et Thomas, 2021-10-23

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UICN at Marseille
Posted by Hélène et Thomas, 2021-10-07

Shortly before launching this site, we hesitated a lot (mainly because of the costs that this would entail) to go to the World Conservation Congress which was being held for the first time in France. (It was initially scheduled for June 2020 but postponed until the 3rd to the 11th of September 2021 due to the covid-19 pandemic.) After announcing to those around us that we would not be going, almost at the last moment we decided that in the end we would go! We are going there even though French President Emmanuel Macron, who was there, left after making a disappointing inaugural speech) (1) and the American actor Harrison Ford also took the floor to deliver a rant at the opening of the Congress. (2)

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Launch of the site
Posted by Hélène et Thomas, 2021-09-19

Voilà, voilà! Andiamo! Our new website is launched! It contains a lot of our photographic work from the last few years. Again, a big thank you to our friend Jim for the great job he did in building it.

Good viewing for those who might find it interesting, and a big Hello! to you all.

Hélène and Thomas

PS: this Blog page will be updated regularly. Stay tuned!