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Following the model of the reportage "Morocco after the COP" that we did a few years ago and which you can see on this site, we offer you here some images made in Chile a few weeks after the end of the COP25.

This work was, it must be said, quite frustrating. At the beginning, by the almost last minute renunciation* of Chile (often presented as an island of political and economic stability in South America) (1) to host the COP following social protests, and then also at the end by the occurrence of Covid 19 (see "The story of the report" for more details).

In this series you will find a summary of everything we saw during our two-month, almost 2,000 km cycling journey, which would normally have ended in Brazil in June 2020. To go further you can also look at the accompanying galleries from which some of these photos are taken.

Please note that we have taken the time to make explanatory and documented captions, so do not hesitate to have a look! The idea is not to be exhaustive, but to give you an idea of the context of the images and the information available at the moment of shooting and writing. If we had to say in a few words what marked us the most in Chile, it is the "mega-drought" situation (2), which we found on the spot and which after our departure had to be even more difficult to live with because of the coronavirus; how can we apply all the WHO sanitary recommendations (3) such as washing our hands very often when we are rationed in water ? There is also the great weariness, if not anger, felt by the population with regard to the neo-liberal policies conducted here since the Pinochet era and the "Chicago boys"(4), and the hopes that many of the people we met have in the change of the constitution decided following the social revolt and which will be voted on in October 2020.