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The Labour Code: Paris Won't Give In

A few years ago a friend who was curious about my work as a photographer after I had shown him a few of my photo essays, said to me in regard to the protest day that I had documented in 2009 against the government's policy (under then president Nicolas Sarkozy) and as evidence of public dissatisfaction in the face of the economic crisis: "It would be interesting to see what's become of these people under Hollande."

In 2016 I was able to respond somewhat to this question by going out on a number of occasions to the several protest days (about 15 altogether) that were taking place around Toulouse within the context of a national mobilization against the Labour law that was designated by the name El Khomri.

It wasn't possible, because of a few precautions about my health, to be present more often and I'm sorry not to have been able to follow more closely the Nuit Debout and the operations that were conducted in parallel (toll free, occupation MacDo, etc) in Toulouse, nor be in the capital at least once which was the epicenter of the Nuit Debout. Nevertheless I'm willing to hope that these images capture somewhat the spirit of that singular moment during Hollande's five years, one that will surely leave its mark on the political life of France.