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It has always been our wish to make the documentary reports that we have produced for the past fifteen years freely available to as many people as possible.

We think that they may be of interest to those who enjoy history, geography, photography, bicycle touring , and those who take a special interest in social and environmental issues. They may as well shed some light on our present moment and that if our work leaves a trace for future generations, that in itself may not be inconsequential.

Recently we have added a blog that we update regularly so that you can follow us whether on the road or during our work in assembling these reports.

For those who wish to support us, you can make a one-time contribution or subscribe an amount monthly.

Our "business model", since we are often asked about it: The ideal would be to have 300 people subscribing for one euro a month. This wouldn't ruin anybody and would keep our little enterprise out of danger.

Traveling with a bike and tent doesn't cost very much, we've always succeeded to do and will continue if "The Force" is with us. Nevertheless your support can certainly aid us on the road.

Today there are a lot of platforms that allow content creators to solicit financial support. They sell a portal and a storefront. We decided to pass up the intermediaries and use Stripe, an online payment system that is one of the largest and most secure e-commerce platforms and operates in multiple currencies.

It is possible to use Paypal for those who prefer or would like to choose a different amount.