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Hosts of France

From March 2012 to October 2018, I biked (all alone at first, then with Hélène toward the end), a sort of "tour de France" of 20,500 km, over twenty months of travel.

The objective at the start was to discover a little of the country and its inhabitants, to continue the research started in Spain on agriculture a few years earlier, and to start a project on energy since I was passing by all the nuclear power stations of the country.

With so much freedom available (and what often goes hand in hand: a small budget! -- more or less 5 euros per day -- it was clear from the start that I would travel in the same way as when we departed for India (see the Tandem series). That is to say with a bicycle, a tent, a tongue and a lot of availability. Couchsurfing or Warmshowers (the mutual aid network for travelers) could have been a solution; but in addition to being connected to the internet daily, it would have been necessary to have a precise itinerary and a calendar, whereas almost always when I set off in the morning I had no idea of where I will "crash" for the evening. It depended essentially on chance meetings, the shots, the day's itinerary, the weather and the terrain ...