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There are skulls decorated with the logo of Total and Shell hung on fences and on fire in front of a tape that cordons off the "SCENE OF CLIMATE CRIME" (behind which people lie, their silhouettes outlined in chalk ), protesters advancing in a line bound by the arms, activists sitting in compact rows in front of the main entrance, chained to the parking lot, handcuffed to the gates of the park and even to the backpack of a participant at the summit, occupying the lawns and the forecourt of the Palais Beaumont de Pau, chanting: « Climate state of emergency! Oil everywhere, future nowhere! Police, criminals are inside, we are fighting for your children too! » (1) "Three false business-types" having managed to slip "into the conference room where the work of the off-shore professionals started three quarters of an hour late, handcuffed at the tables and explaining to participants in shock how irresponsible in the wake of COP21 it is to hold such a symposium solely concerned with improving the performance of deep-water drilling." (1) "Chained to the chairs and tables, they expound their analysis for ten minutes, in French and English, in front of about 200 people." (2)

"This spectacular invasion is the first major mobilization of citizens since the COP21 last December. Originally a front composed of nine organizations - Alternatiba, Attac, Friends of the Earth, ANV-COP21, Emmaus Lescar-Pau, Bizi, Surfrider foundation Europe, 350.org and The Ocean Nation... « Since COP21 we have seen a growing number of activists who show a greater motivation, says Nicolas Haeringer, coordinator of an international, 350.org movement in France. We have shown at Pau that we are ready - always in a non-violent way - to break through the dams erected by climate gravediggers. » (1)