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From December 2 to December 15, 2018 we were in Katowice Poland to document as far as possible the 24th annual conference (COP24) on the UN Convention on Climate Change.

"In France, the Yellow Vest movement, that was instigated by a rise in fuel tax, took place shortly before the start of COP24. This proved that struggle against climate change can't be effective without social justice and that the ecological transition isn't possible without strong accompanying measures." (1)

In the evening, returning to the room we rented from Madame Barbara, worn out by the day's photography and by the cold, we watched Polish television as we prepared dinner. The Kamizelek (Yellow Vests) in France, and shorly thereafter in Belgium, the Netherlands as well as Poland, were often the highlight of the evening news and the talk shows. Naturally enough I began to take photos with my very first "smartphone" equipped as they must be with a camera.

It must be admitted that the acts of violence occurring in Paris on the 1st of December during Act III of the mobilization around the Arc de Triomphe were extremely telephotogenic and provoked a major crisis at the heart of the French executive; enough to lead Mr Edouard Philippe, the Prime Minister of France, to cancel his trip to Katowice.