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Baena (Olive Oil)


At the end of November, many workers leave to look for work in the province of Jaén. The work of harvesting olives is beginning. I followed them. This region is the biggest producer of olive oil in the world. I went to Baena, a village very proud of its olive production, situated at the border of the provinces of Jaén and Cordoba.

It was there, a few months earlier, that I had become acquainted with a major landowner and farmer who had invited me to return to do a photo report of the harvest.

In addition to documenting the work in the fields, I am interested in what makes for more favourable accommodations here, and that makes many migrant day labourers say that this is the harvest they prefer. I am also intrigued by workers coming from Eastern European countries on the basis of programs with a predetermined limit of stay (the famous «contrato en origen» following the «contrat OMI» in France).

(Excerpt from Read the Story)